Mizuka Ichin
Vital statistics
Position Lead Singer
Age 14
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight 26


Mizuka's mother passed away right after giving birth to Mizuka. She was very ill and suffered alot before she was in the hospital. At the age of 4, Mizuka and her father moved to Vocatown and she attended the Vocaloid High school.

Personality Edit

Mizuka loves singing, dancing and writing songs. She's good friends with Hatsune Miku but her best friends are Rin Kagamine and Neru Akita. But she usually calls people "Bastards" when she gets pissed off and Mizuka isn't a person who can get bullied easily, she fights alot and is very strong. She's always quiet and late for school, which makes her get detention but she always manages to sneek out.


Mizuka has light grey hair that reaches 'till her shoulders and has bangs covering her forehead. She also has dark blue eyes. Mizuka wears black nail-polish and has a navy blue wrist-band around her right hand.