Welcome to Vocaloid

Hey everyone!

This is my very first Vocaloid fanfic! (actually it's a anime!)

I hope you all like it! ^^


Mizuka Ichin is a new transfer student that everyone is curious about. None of them ever spent time with her nor know about her personality. They all need to solve this mystery.

Chapters/ EpisodesEdit

1. Welcome to Vocaloid!- Chapter 1

2. Welcome to Vocaloid!- Chapter 2

3. Welcome to Vocaloid!- Chapter 3


Mizuka Ichin

Hastune Miku

Neru Akita

Rin Kagamine

Rest of Vocaloid High school

Mizuka's Father

Mizuka's Mother (mentioned)

Trivia Edit

- This is an anime, not a fanfic.

- This page is made by User:Mizuka-ChanX (me)


Mizuka-ChanX (talk) 17:56, November 16, 2012 (UTC)User:Mizuka-ChanX

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